Jan 13

Curl cheatsheet

Curl is an awesome tool. I keep forgetting the switches though, so here’s a cheatsheet.

Dec 12

Restaurants in SF

I’ve been living in SF for quite a while now, so I figure I should list some of the restaurants that I like (the top ~45 to be exact). These are mostly places where you can get food quickly for lunch/dinner and that are walking distance from where I live.

Oct 12

My Debian installation tips

So, after some time with Arch Linux, I’ve moved to Debian testing. Debian testing seems to strike a nice balance between being new and not breaking things (Debian stable on the other hand has really old packages). Compared to Arch, upgrades have thus far been a lot less painful. Arch, while lovely, has a tendency to break things and I was always rather annoyed with python being python3 rather than python2 like the rest of the world expected it to be. I miss the minimal base install from Arch though.

Jul 12

Writing about technical topics like it’s 2012

For some reason, a lot of technical writing is still done as if the reader didn’t have access to the Internet. Having written two books (Mixu’s Node book and Single page apps in depth) in the past year, I’ve had some time to think about what good technical writing might be. There are several things that could be improved:

Apr 12

Git tips and tricks

This post is basically a collection of things I think I should remember about git: setup, commands, multiple repos, more obscure options etc.

Feb 12

Mechanical keyboards rock!

I’m a big believer in having the best tools possible for the job. I’ve gone through at least 3 Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000′s, and used to think those were the best keyboards ever (as did Jeff Atwood).

Jan 12

How to: thinkpad_acpi and fan control on Arch

From the “this might help some random person” department – setting up manual Thinkpad fan control in Arch Linux.

Nov 11

Performance benchmarking Socket.io 0.8.7, 0.7.11 and 0.6.17 and Node's native TCP

I’ve been working with Socket.io quite a bit recently. It’s a great library. However, after upgrading to 0.8.x, I ran into problems with increased CPU usage. Since performance is very important for high traffic pubsub implementations, I decided to investigate this further – and try to quantify the performance impact of upgrading to a newer version of Socket.io.